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At the heart of our brand’s visual identity lie our logo, symbol, and positioning slogan. These elements serve as the foundation for our overarching graphic image. In the following section, we present pieces from our Graphic Identity Manual to provide a clear understanding of our corporate identity guidelines.

We’ve taken great care in arranging the essential elements of our corporate identity. This thoughtful design ensures that our logo is versatile and can be easily placed. This creates a clear, straightforward visual identity that’s instantly recognizable and memorable at first glance

Our Colors

The selected colors serve to represent our brand, communicate our brand’s values and identity. 


Display fonts are really important, unique and add a lot of personality showing the values of the brand. 


Our Icons

The bold design represents the vibrancy and athleticism that define our identity. It’s a symbol of our commitment to excellence on sports. 

Please always use only the original digital graphic templates available on this site for your work.