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The New Swimming Pool in Nova Gorica


At the end of February, we witnessed the opening of a new indoor winter swimming pool in the municipality of Nova Gorica, Slovenia, in which we, the Sportivo Solutions team, also participated.

The complex is located in the sports area in Nova Gorica, and offers two swimming pools on the 1st floor of the building. A special feature of the swimming pool is the lifting bottom, which allows you to adjust the height between 0 and 2 m depth.

We were the main provider of swimming pool equipment for this new indoor swimming pool complex. We equipped the pool with equipment for pools and spas, aqua entertainment, aqua fitness and wellness, swimming, kids and fun.

Products from the best suppliers of pool equipment provide the complex with the highest quality and reliable products and services.

Due to the crisis situation related to the Covid-19 epidemic, the project was a big challenge at times, as prices were constantly rising, but we still managed to ensure highest quality and reliable products from the best suppliers of pool equipment for competitive and affordable prices. 


Check the whole indoor swimming pool complex here. 


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