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Story and timeline 2019

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1. Equipment for ANOC beach games in Doha, Qatar

In 2019, Sportivo provided beach sport equipment for the ANOC beach games in Doha, Qatar.

More than 1,200 athletes from 97 National Olympic Committees took part. It was a six-days of competition, which engaged the local population and those around the world in 13 exciting and youth-focused sports.

Sportivo provided, delivered and installed a wide range of beach sports equipment and beach sport accessories for all of the 13 sports.


2. Sportswear and training accessories for Georgian volleyball federation 

In 2019, Sportivo was the main sportswear and training accessories provider for the Georgian volleyball federation.

Sportivo provided the club with team uniform design, practice, match and outdoor sportswear, custom printing and volleyball training equipment and accessories, volleyball gear and volleyball training accessories.  



3. Training camp organization for Swiss volleyball federation

In 2019, Sportivo organized a volleyball training camp for the Swiss volleyball federation in Maribor, Slovenia.

We took care of the whole organization of the training camp: from equipping and preparing sports venues and areas, to technical organization and management of the camp.

We also provide the camp and federation with volleyball sportswear, custom printing, volleyball training gear and volleyball training accessories. 


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